Hi! I’m Eva Burkholder

I am a writer, author, member care provider, teacher, friend, wife, M.K., and crafter (especially macramé).

This is my spot to ponder, to muse, to record what God is showing me through his world, his people and his Word.

Available May 30, 2023!

Grit to Stay Grace to Go: Staying Well in Cross-Cultural Ministry by Sue Eenigenburg & Eva Burkholder, William Carey Publishing

Grit to Stay Grace to Go is a must-read for all cross-cultural workers because it equips people at three key touchpoints in their overseas lives: when life is hard (very hard!), when you say goodbye as others leave (again!), and when you’re discerning your next step. Grit to Stay Grace to Go is destined to become one of the books that makes the cut when you have to decide on your “keepers.” —Amy Young, founder of Global Trellis

What You’ll Find Here

Mary treasured all these things and pondered them in her heart. Luke 2:19.

My devotional on Mary led to contributions in others and now co-authoring.

As a member care provider, I write and teach on soul care and grief.

My Latest Posts


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What My Readers Say

“Fresh perspective”

Through biblical word studies, Eva invites the reader to slow down, gain a fresh perspective, and reflect on their own heart.


“Gently inspiring”

Eva creatively and gently offers what she has received, inspiring readers to know God’s word more intimately.


“Excellent writer”

An excellent writer and speaker who connects with women around the world, graciously, personally, biblically.