I am a contributing author of one story in:

Yet We Still Hope: Stories of Courage from Women Serving Around the World


The stories within these pages are the heartfelt offering of women around the world who are shining a light into the realities of cross-cultural work and life. From the unexpected sacrifices to the ways that this life has marked them, and the vulnerable struggles rarely voiced out loud, this collection of stories will resonate no matter where you call home.

I am a contributing author of one piece in:

Snapshots of Hope & Heart: A 12-Week Devotional to Shine the Light on God’s Word

In this WordGirls collective, we researched what God’s Word says about the topics of hope and heart. Snapshots of Hope & Heart includes 84 devotions written by 34 WordGirls. The authors inserted stores to help us capture a true-to-life inspirational insight fitting for the daily Scripture. May the takeaways stick with you all day, similar to the memory of a snapshot long after you’ve taken it.

And I have six pieces in: 

Wit, Whimsy & Wisdom: A 12-Week Devotional to Shine the Light on God’s Word

Are you seeking special time with God each day? Let Wit, Whimsy & Wisdom be your guide. In each devotion look for a concept you can refer back to in your thoughts as you go about your day. The stories will give you some grins, some grace and some grit to help you through the struggles you face as well as help you celebrate moments of victory.