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Word of the Year 2022

Goodbyes said to guests. Linens washed. Christmas decorations taken down and stored. Fridge restocked. Time to organize myself and my new year. Set up a planner. Select a journal. Reflect on the previous year and the new one. And choose a word for the year.

Rejoice with Habakkuk This Thanksgiving Even Though

My reading of the Biblical book of Hebrews came to a sudden halt. Where have I heard that before? These familiar verses resound in my head because they are from the prophet Habakkuk. His cry to the Lord 2700 years ago continues to resonate with familiarity.

Jesus is Better: Summaries from Hebrews

The author of the New Testament book of Hebrews presents many arguments to prove emphatically that Jesus is better. And because he is so superior to anything else, we are exhorted to stick with him to the end, despite suffering or persecution.

Better Encouragement: Don’t Neglect Meeting Together

Eager eyes looked at me expectantly as I quoted this verse while sitting on the patio of a wooden home on stilts in the middle of a rice field in Indonesia. As the only believers in their community, this handful of women depended on gatherings like our retreat and the message I delivered for their growth and endurance. This fellowship was as crucial for them as it was for the readers who first received this counsel.


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