Favored Blessed Pierced

In Favored, Blessed, Pierced: A Fresh Look at Mary of Nazareth, Mary takes her well-deserved place among the great men and women of Scripture. Not only Jesus’s mother, Mary of Nazareth is also a model disciple of our Lord, demonstrating how to navigate painful life circumstances through her disciplines of treasuring and pondering.

  • Has God asked you to do something that seems impossible?
  • Has your heart been pierced?
  • Your life upended?
  • Your choices misunderstood?
  • Have you lost a child, literally or figuratively?

Slow down and journey with Mary through daily meditations, reflection questions, and guided prayers as we examine what it means to be favored, blessed, and pierced. Whether you are married or single, male or female, a parent or not, you will relate to her humanity and strong example often disguised in Christmas pageants and Easter plays.

Favored, Blessed, Pierced: A Fresh Look at Mary of Nazareth isn’t the stereotypical book on Mary. This one made me feel as if I was right there experiencing life with Mary. Not just the beginning and end of the story but the middle where life happened.

—Kathy Carlton Willis, God’s Grin Gal, coach, writer, and speaker, author of Grin with Grace