Member Care

Member Care is the ongoing preparation, equipping and empowering of global workers (missionaries) for effective and sustainable life, ministry and work. However 71% of global workers leave the field for reasons that can be anticipated and dealt with preemptively. Often, with the right care in place, struggling global workers can find solutions that enable them to thrive in their field service. Eva does this in the following ways:


Eva helps with pre-field orientations by teaching workshops on soul-care.

Home Leave

Eva and her husband create, organize and lead retreats for global workers on home leave. During this time, they listen to workers’ field experiences, suggest action steps, give recommendations for further steps and provide opportunities for soul-care.

Consult and Mentor

Eva mentors (in person and by skype) those struggling with loss, stress or burnout.


At least once a year, Eva travels to field locations to counsel and train at annual conferences.


Eva provides resources and support for those returning to the US after serving overseas.