Be Who You Desire

The year was 1987. The occasion was my first movie date with a handsome young man with dark curly hair. The movie was none other than The Princess Bride. Little did we know that we were making history as our movie of choice went on to become an iconic favorite with a cult following. Since that day we have watched it … Continue reading Be Who You Desire

Do What You Require

This next to last line of our prayer resonates with me. I can easily relate to this one and at first glance, I say "No problem, I've got this." After all, I was raised on the hymn "Trust and obey." I have shared before about my propensity to "do". As a child, I was obedient … Continue reading Do What You Require

Wait Until You Say Go

If this line of our prayer had fallen on any month last year, I would have talked about waiting for the sale of our house and the purchase of a new one. Or I could have pulled up an article I wrote years ago about waiting for God to answer prayer. And I know that … Continue reading Wait Until You Say Go

Suffer What You Ordain

The thing about suffering is that we can always downplay our own by finding someone who suffers more than we do. I have four sisters and all of them can say more about this subject than I can. One endured years of separation from her husband in an attempt to heal her marriage. Another endures … Continue reading Suffer What You Ordain

Surrender what You Claim

In this 5th line of our prayer, we are asked to be willing to surrender what God claims, to surrender what we already have or whatever God asks of us, withholding nothing. I already talked about what it took to surrender my home in Pennsylvania to move to Texas. Over the years, other gigantic surrenders … Continue reading Surrender what You Claim

Lack What You Withhold

The 4th line of our challenging prayer reads: I am willing to lack what You withhold. I don't like being in a state of not having enough of something or being without. It has been common knowledge that my greatest lack the past six months was a home of my own. Now, that need has been … Continue reading Lack What You Withhold

Release What You Take

The third line of the prayer I am studying this year begins with release. If my word for 2014 is "receive", then my word for 2013 should have been "release". I released many things that year - my sons, one of my roles at church, my youth (I turned 50), trying to fix those I … Continue reading Release What You Take

Receive What You Give

Last year (2013), Mark and I celebrated our 25th anniversary. We had wanted to go back to Bali, but as the time approached, we realized that was too far, too expensive and we had been there, done that. We wanted someplace new. The Caribbean was our answer. Tropics, familiar flora, ocean, papaya, snorkeling - heaven! So we ended … Continue reading Receive What You Give