Dwell on These Things

Finally. Finally Paul gets the end of his sermon on how to stand firm. Finally, after instructing us to resolve conflicts, rejoice, pray and not worry, he presents the final thing. And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, … Continue reading Dwell on These Things

Mind Boggling Peace

Presenting my requests to God on a rainy morning.. Little thoughts nagging at my heart and mind. Waking at 4 am rehearsing all the things I must do today (or is it jet lag?). I’m experiencing the normal stuff of life. Packed schedule, feeling rushed to complete tasks, commitments right around the corner, appointments that … Continue reading Mind Boggling Peace

Present Your Requests

I am a poor sleeper. I wake many times a night. I started wearing earplugs when I lived in Indonesia because every little sound woke me up—the cry of my sons, the electricity going off or coming back on, critters running across the roof, cats mating in the rafters, kittens mewing in the rafters, or … Continue reading Present Your Requests

Do Not Be Anxious

With Mark in Dresden, Germany Last month, I accepted the realization that I am an anxious traveler. While I have had the privilege of traversing much of the globe as a child of missionaries and then later as one myself, I was usually accompanied by someone. Only four times in my life have I made … Continue reading Do Not Be Anxious

I Will Rejoice in the Lord

When I was in college, I had what I called “blah” days. For no apparent reason, I felt down and lethargic. Looking back, I wish I had explored this more, maybe talked to a counselor, and perhaps it was just hormonal.

Hang Gentleness!

In the BBC movie version* of Pride and Prejudice, Mrs. Bennett is running around in a tizzy because a wealthy gentleman has come to call on her eldest daughter in the early morning. Because she is not dressed yet, she says to her mother, “Let Kitty [her younger sister] go down. She’s forwarder than any … Continue reading Hang Gentleness!

A "Same Mind" Example

Beth served as the leader of an anti-sex trafficking ministry. She was young, passionate, idealistic and smart. Beth went into brothels to rescue sex slaves. She met with local police and government officials. Her highly competent, high output personality was well suited for her unique role. But Beth did not conform to the "Christian bubble" norms. … Continue reading A "Same Mind" Example

Help Them Be Christlike

This week a childhood acquaintance lost a close friend because she publicly expressed her anger at injustice. Hearing this reinforces my fears. I fear going more public with my writing because I know someone will inevitably disagree with me. And some folks are very disagreeable in how they disagree.  Like most people, I gravitate toward … Continue reading Help Them Be Christlike