Word of the Year 2023: With

For the past few years, I've chosen a word for the year. It's not magical or profound. Rather, it's a way for me to focus on something God is laying on my heart.

Word of the Year 2022

Goodbyes said to guests. Linens washed. Christmas decorations taken down and stored. Fridge restocked. Time to organize myself and my new year. Set up a planner. Select a journal. Reflect on the previous year and the new one. And choose a word for the year.

Present Your Requests

I am a poor sleeper. I wake many times a night. I started wearing earplugs when I lived in Indonesia because every little sound woke me up—the cry of my sons, the electricity going off or coming back on, critters running across the roof, cats mating in the rafters, kittens mewing in the rafters, or … Continue reading Present Your Requests

Bring Them To Jesus

Today, I sit and listen to Jesus’s teaching by reading and meditating on Matthew 9:1–8 and its parallel passages Luke 5:17–26 and Mark 2:1–12. I follow the example of the crowd that pressed in upon Jesus to hear him speak and to witness his demonstrations of power by healing many sick people.