Improper verses Proper Boasting

On November 1, 2022, I delivered a message to the women of my church Bible study on 2 Corinthians 10 – 12:9. Here is a written version of my message or you may watch the video.

Help Them Be Christlike

This week a childhood acquaintance lost a close friend because she publicly expressed her anger at injustice. Hearing this reinforces my fears. I fear going more public with my writing because I know someone will inevitably disagree with me. And some folks are very disagreeable in how they disagree.  Like most people, I gravitate toward … Continue reading Help Them Be Christlike

The Mindset of Christ

Dorothy sat on our couch weeping. “I am so hurt. I feel betrayed. We were like family. Why would they put strategy and culture above me and my future?” She and her team leader had a huge disagreement. This clash of opinions meant a slammed door on her hopes and dreams. She wanted to forgive them. She wanted to have a restored relationship, but it didn’t look possible. 

Of the Same Mind

"I can't wait to graduate and leave this house," I cried to my mother. My eighteen-year-old self was upset with my father. I don't remember the specific complaint, but I often disagreed with my dad. I loved my father very much, but we often did not see eye to eye. And as I continued to … Continue reading Of the Same Mind

Stand Firm

I was a bus monitor in sixth grade. I took my job very seriously, so when a few of the boys were disrupting the quiet line order, I demanded to know what was so engrossing. That was my introduction to The Hobbit. My school mates challenged me to read the book before I judged it and so began a lifetime of fascination with all things Lord of the Rings.

Joy and Crown

As the nip of autumn fills the air, my mind turns to Thanksgiving. This is my reminder to thank you who make my ministry possible—you who intercede and give. I struggle every year because words seem inadequate. A gift card or a souvenir is too small. But a larger gift is a conflict of interest. How can I take funds from carefully sacrificed donations and turn around and spend them on a gift to the giver? Such is my strange lifestyle and predicament.