Beatitudes: Well Off Are Those in the Kingdom

Jesus came to earth to usher in a new kingdom. And he announced the themes of this kingdom in his Sermon on the Mount. It begins with a list we call the Beatitudes because the Latin word for blessed is beatus.

Speak Well Of

In Favored, Blessed, Pierced: A Fresh Look at Mary of Nazareth, we discover that Mary was blessed—makarios—which means “to be well off.” But another Greek word also translated "blessed” describes Mary too: eulogeo.

Blessed to be in the Kingdom

Mary would not have qualified by Jewish standards to be The Blessed Mother. The Jews of Jesus' day had very strict criteria for the blessed. They had to be Jewish, male, religious, healthy and wealthy. If you were sick or poor or female, well, your bad! God obviously wasn't blessing you! We know (see previous post) … Continue reading Blessed to be in the Kingdom

Blessed to Believe

Recently this post popped up as a memory on my facebook page: He [my son] gives me such joy, has so many talents, and loves Jesus. I am a blessed mother. And this from a coworker heading to the field for the first time: The entire journey went smoothly without any delays, missing luggage or other problems. What a … Continue reading Blessed to Believe