Themes and Takeaways From Matthew’s Gospel

This has been one of the must fulfilling studies of scripture I have ever embarked on. Through my personal study, weekly discussions with my co-teacher and women's pastor, leading discussions with my small group of precious women, and preaching three messages to a gracious large group, four major themes emerged for me from Matthew.

Portraits of Peter: He is Every One of Us

Simon Peter, a former fisherman, is the third most mentioned person in the New Testament (behind Jesus and Paul) and appears prominently in Matthew's gospel. He is the spokesman for the disciples, has intimate conversations with Jesus where he questions and rebukes Jesus, and fails greatly. Here are fourteen ways Peter is every one of us.

Unnecessary Burdens or Freedom to Love?

The Pharisees put rules upon rules around the Ten Commandments in an attempt to guard against breaking them. But Jesus shares our yoke and carries our loads.

Matthew’s Woes: How Terrible It Will Be For You

Jesus confronts the religious leaders on their hypocrisy with eight divine indictments, calling them pretenders, frauds, play-actors, and cold-blooded snakes.

Since God Loves Us, We Love Him Back by Loving Others

On April 5, 2022, I gave my third message to the women of my church Bible study on Matthew 20–22. Here is a written version of my message or you may watch the video.

What About Jesus Overturning the Temple Tables?

"I like the Jesus who overturned the tables most of all," my colleague said. I think he was being a tad facetious, but there is also truth in his words. I hear folks using this incident in the gospels as a justification for anger or acting ugly. So what does it really mean?

Are You a Stumbling Block?

Jesus calls Peter a stumbling block in Matthew 16:23. This is the Greek noun "skandalon." What does he mean? Further investigation reveals that Matthew uses this word three times as well as the corresponding verb, "skandalizo," eleven times in his gospel.

You Are the Last One Hired

Jesus tells a parable about a landowner who hires workers for his vineyard (Matthew 20:1–16). Who are you in the story?