The Perfect Foursome

Not often does one find a couple friendship where all four enjoy and challenge each other. Mark and I were knee deep in reentry after twelve years of ministry overseas. We were settled in Mark's home town and didn't have many friends. On top of that, we were on church staff which unfortunately put a … Continue reading The Perfect Foursome

I Take Hold

As a new student at Baylor University, I was a fish out of water. Eighteen years old, a third culture kid (TCK) from Papua New Guinea left standing on the steps of my dorm by my parents returning to the mission field. I was naïve and frightened. I had to do and face things I had never done before—all alone.


Oh, the things one finds when sorting and packing for a big move! Last week I found the handwritten cry of my heart that I included in my blog. This week, I found another treasure! Reaching into an old bag, I pulled out a tattered and patched up pink bunny and a somewhat creepy brown koala. My … Continue reading Remember…

Packing Ponderings

I wander around my increasingly empty home and talk to myself as my words echo on plain walls. Marks are clear where pictures used to hang and empty nails remind me of faces and drawings that I love. I linger in a room and remember my son who lounged here and studied and chatted with friends and played endless hours of xbox or play station (never really knew which it was).