Delighting in God

photo by Jen Mininger Photography

Psalm 37:4 says “Delight yourself in the Lord.” What does that mean? How do I do that? What would it look like to delight in God today?

The way that I delight in my children helps me understand this concept. I rejoice in their gifts, talents, and accomplishments. I enjoy hearing them tell stories and laughing at their jokes. I relish their reports of what’s happening in their lives—even the small, mundane stuff. I find pleasure in being around them and marveling at the persons they are becoming.

Delighting in God means, among other things, just being around him and enjoying him. So, I settle into my chair and I quiet myself to spend some quality time with him:

Here I am, Lord. It’s just you and me. I have set aside this day to be with you. 

Delighting in God also means watching him work and do what he does best, appreciating his creativity and talents. So I look around to pay attention to him and his works:

You are so creative, God. You made the man or woman who is playing the beautiful, haunting violin solo I hear. You gave humankind the ability to make beautiful music. You created the sunshine I see out the window today. You even created the village tribes who made the crude spears, string bags, and boar tusk necklaces that adorn the walls of the room I sit in. You gave me new eyes to see the small things around me as gifts from your generous and talented hand.

Delighting in God also means hearing his heart and desires, listening to his voice and allowing him to speak:

What’s on your heart, Lord? What are your desires? I know from your Word that you desire that all would be saved; that the ends of the earth would hear the message of good news; that people will follow you; that they will know how much you love them; that they are set free from addiction and sin.

His voice interrupts my recitation of scripture:

Right now, my heart is for you, my child; for your success and fulfillment, for you to know me as I know you, for you to delight in me and take pleasure in me. Let me satisfy you and give you true intimacy. Run this race with me, take my hand and let’s gallop across meadows (for I ride on the winds to come to your aid!), dance, jump, soar, fall on the grass, laugh, and sing together. This is fun! Fun! Not so serious, so intense! Enjoy! Seek me every day even more. Don’t rely so much on your good organizational and packing skills. Trust me for each day. Ask me “What should I do today?” and I’ll help sell the house and sort the stuff and schedule the appointments and visits. Invite me into the process. Let me guide this adventure, this wild ride of exhilaration, speed, and excitement! Watch me work!

But Lord, that is your heart for me. What about for others? For the world?

I’m all about you today, child, for you have given your day and your attention to me.

I love you Jesus so very much. Even as I seek to delight in you, you are already delighting in me!

Now it’s your turn. Take some time today and delight in God.


I delight greatly in you, my LORD; my soul rejoices in you, my God. For you have clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness (adapted from Isaiah 61:10). 

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