Even More on Mary

Since publishing Favored, Blessed, Pierced: A Fresh Look at Mary of Nazareth, I have discovered or written other pieces that shed more light on this amazing woman and her story. Here they are for your reference.

The silent years before the announcement of Jesus’s birth:

400 years by Kaitlyn Bouchillon

Jesus’s Genealogy:

The Beginning of the Beginning by Salma Gundi

Mary, the girl:

Child-like by Eva Burkholder

Devotional Reading by Eva Burkholder

The First Christian by Jennifer Powell McNutt and Amy Beverage Peeler

Yes, Mary Knew by Joy Clarkson

Thoughts on Mary and fear from a black mother by Marcie Avis-Walker

The Virgin Mary by Marg Mowczko

Joseph, the unsung hero:

A Forgotten Christmas Lesson

Joseph of Nazareth vs Planned Parenthood by Russell Moore

Jesus’s Grandparents:

Mary’s Parents by Eva Burkholder

Elizabeth and Mary:

Multiplication Mindset by Eva Burkholder

Mentoring in Times of Crisis by Eva Burkholder

People of the Plot Twist sermon by Osheta Moore

The Μagnificat:

Mary Sings a Revolutionary Song by D. L. Mayfield

Mary’s Rebel Anthem by Broderick Greer

Mindful by Eva Burkholder

Mary For President Note: Jackie Roese expresses her political views in this podcast. Even if you disagree, I recommend it for the description of Mary and her qualities.

Mary’s Song by Debie Thomas

The Magnificat sermon on December 19, 20921 by Kaitlyn Schiess (starts at 39:30)

Jesus’s Birth:

Childbirth by Eva Burkholder

Carpenters and Mangers:

by Brant Hansen

by Kaitlyn Bouchillon


Speak Well Of by Eva Burkholder


Refugee Story by Beth Barron


Ezer Kenegdo by Eva Burkholder

Blessed Alliance:

Blessed Alliance by Eva Burkholder

The Blessed Alliance in Fort Collins by Carolyn Custis James

The Blessed Alliance by Carolyn Custis James

At the Cross:

Hopeless by Eva Burkholder

Waiting by Eva Burkholder

Mary of Nazareth: A Poem by Karen Winchell Dubert

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