The Glimpse of the New Kingdom

The holy people of the Most High will receive the kingdom and will possess it forever—yes, for ever and ever…Then the sovereignty, power and greatness of all the kingdoms under heaven will be handed over to the holy people of the Most High.

Daniel 7:18, 27 NIV

My former pastor, Pete Briscoe, gives us a “little glimpse into what it might feel like when we get [to the new kingdom].” His description is so beautiful I must share it.

The sun is always on your face here—the warmth, the light.
And as you walk through the countryside, you marvel at the lovely place you live.
It’s a kingdom unlike any other. There are no weeds, no stray dogs, no chemotherapy.
It is warm but not hot, cool but not cold.
There is snow right next to the beach and children snuggle in the manes of lions.
There is no slavery here. No exploitation. No illness. No hunger. No terrorism. No divorce. No confusion. No vitriol. No selfishness. No hate.
The beauty hurts your eyes sometimes. It’s not painful hurt. It’s the hurt of awe.
How can the grass be so green? The birds sing in 64 part harmony. Everyone gets a personal koala bear. 
Love is in the air everywhere. Each person you meet you love instantly. You can’t help yourself.
Annoyances are a distant memory. Sad and angry tears have dried. Joyful tears flow.
There’s forgiveness in the water. There’s grace in every bite of food.
Sleep comes easily and lasts as long as necessary and no one gets the flu.
There is order—perfect order. Buses arrive on time. Groceries never spoil.
And yes, you can always get a tee-time.
The sound track follows you around.
The music is new every day. And it’s better every day, too.
Lyrics dance around the person of Jesus revealing something new of him with every passing verse.
Jesus is everywhere here. You see him every day.
That smile that destroyed your religion greets you daily and you’re completely at ease.
And this is all yours, brother and sister, to enjoy to lead, to rule.
You will go to work to a role perfectly designed just for you and there will be no one in the new heavens and no one on the new earth that can do it better than you.
You will pour your lives into your siblings and they will pour theirs into yours.
You will work side by side, no dissection, no split votes, no backbiting, no guile.
You will laugh, belly laugh, and you will feel deeply and perfectly.
And you, my friend, will make a difference.
You will learn continuously.
You will love perfectly, completely, absolutely, and unendingly.
You will enjoy unhindered union with Jesus Christ every single moment.
And this is just the first day.
Tomorrow will be better and each day after that better than the last as the kingdom we have been given grows and deepens as Jesus invests in it through us all.
It is going to be great and it is going to be so worth the drive. One day the sun is going to hit our face and it will have been worth the drive (which is going to be brutal, friends).


Thank you, Ancient of Days, for promising and preparing such a perfect place for us. We look forward to it with great anticipation.

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