Wise Words From My Mom

My mom, Marjorie Loomis Dubert, was a keeper (pun intended). She kept documents, notes, calendars, prayer letters, cards—anything she thought important. One gem in particular is a diary from her 1953-54 year at Columbia Bible Graduate School of Missions, the year she met, dated briefly, and married my dad. On this thirteen anniversary of her graduation to glory, I share some of my mother’s wise words.

I’m not sure if this was from a sermon or her own study.
Mom learned how to rest and trust,
like a child.
Almost 70 years ago, mom learned the importance of being present. I’m still learning.
Mom understood the struggle to want God’s will. She also learned his will was worth everything. I have too.
As a graduate student, mom learned that God did not hold back his good from her. It may not look like I think it will, but I too have found God to be a giver of good things.
Many, many times I witnessed my mother turning her difficult situations over to God. Her example taught me that trusting God brings peace.
And now from mom’s letters: rejoicing helps with anxiety.
Mom sure had lots to pray about, and she did—constantly.
After praying came resting in truth.
For mom, doing God’s will mean serving 40 years in Papua New Guinea where she help translate the New Testament into the Biangai language.
As I take time to remember mom’s home-going 13 years ago, these words from her diary take on new meaning. In her final prayer letter, she wrote, “I can say that God is faithful and trustworthy.”

3 thoughts on “Wise Words From My Mom

  1. Thank you for these uplifting and inspiring words from your mother. They must comfort you as they live on in your life from her diary in her own handwriting.


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