Advent 2022 Christmas: Grace, Love, and Fellowship With Us

My advent mediations are inspired by my recent study of 2 Corinthians which ended with a beautiful benediction—the only one that mentions all three persons of the Trinity. We have seen that the Trinity was with us in the Christmas story through grace, love, and fellowship. But how were grace, love, and fellowship also visible in the lives of the people in the Christmas events? And how do we demonstrate these traits in our own lives?

Blessed Alliance

For about ten years, my husband served on the elder board of a local church. After every meeting, he would describe to me some of the items discussed and decisions made. Almost every time, I would think of something the all-male board had not considered.


Joseph, by Fontanini I have a beautiful Italian Fontanini nativity set. Last year when I set it up, I realized I didn't know which figure was Joseph. In fact, I was afraid I didn't have Joseph at all. So I googled and discovered that one of the figures that looked like a shepherd was in … Continue reading Widow