Power in Creating

“Why pay $39.99? I can easily make those,” I said to my husband. We were wandering the shops of McKinney, Texas while on our anniversary date and the varieties of stuffed pumpkins caught my eye. I am a great copier. Not many of my ideas are original. But I can take a sample or a pattern and expand it to make it my own.

So I hunted ideas on Pinterest (a crafters heaven), pulled the sweaters out of the Goodwill give-away bag, and began creating pumpkins. But crafting is a slippery slope. My pumpkin spree (and a new front door) led to decorating my entryway. Pine Cones from East Texas turned into a new wreath. Salvaged logs doomed for the fire pit added height and dimension. Old fence wood—also destined for the fire—became a painted Burkholder wall hanging.

Before I knew it, I was on another crafting binge. I made five wreaths, twenty pumpkins, four entryway signs and eighteen tissue box covers. 

I love crafting. In my teens years, I learned to tie macrame knots which resulted in dozens of wall hangings, plant hangers, belts, necklaces and even a lamp shade. (And yikes, these designs are back in vogue.) For many years, I made macrame Christmas ornaments to give away every year. While serving in Indonesia, I helped design and instruct local sewers in various small projects that were sold in a successful business.

My crafting comes in spurts and phases. I find an idea, ruminate on it, experiment and make dozens of the same item. My husband thinks I obsess and make too many, but when my ideas and materials run out, I stop. I move on to the next idea. Some of my crafts are fleeting like the origami vases, and others are long lasting like the annual Christmas card. One project—the pressed flower and homemade paper cards—actually resulted in earned income. Over the years, I have made scores of other projects.

Crafting and creating—especially for my home—brings me life. I am happiest when I have a project underway. But I also wonder if my life-giving activity is too introspective, too solitary. Given a choice, I would stay home and craft. I must force myself to also choose time with others. 

Last week, my pastor taught on Abraham’s faith.

Yet [Abraham] did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised.

Romans 4:20–21

He then reminded me that one of the ways God demonstrates this power that builds faith is through creation. God creates from scratch and brings life to dead things.

Whereas I need inspiration from others’ designs and I rummage for materials that exist in my piles, God needs no Pinterest and creates from nothing. His incredible power gives me fuel for my faith. When I know God is powerful, I then believe he will do what he says he will do. 

In what ways do you create?

What are your life-giving activities?

How does God’s power seen in creation build your faith?


My Master Creator, thank you for the ability to create even though my crafting is so puny compared with your great power. Making my little projects reflects your image in me. Thank you for the joy and revitalized life I experience when I create. But help me remember that creating is not just for me alone. I seek to be renewed so that I can pass on life, bring beauty to others and be reminded of your power. You can do the impossible and therefore, I believe. Strengthen my faith as I create.

2 thoughts on “Power in Creating

  1. I enjoy your frankness. Your brother also \”binges\” and it usually results in something functional or delicious. People intersect our crafts in different ways: that's what makes it life-giving. Keep up crafting!


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