I’m Co-Writing a New Book

By now you probably know that my colleague, Sue Eenigenburg and I are co-authoring a book. Our working title is “Grit and Grace in Cross-Cultural Ministry” but that may change. Sue writes about grit for the long haul, and I focus on how to stay well after others leave. And together we also give help for when it’s time to make the excruciating decision to leave.

From my own personal experience in Indonesia as well as from my 8 years as a member care provider, I’ve watched this revolving door bring stress, hurt, and pain to team after team. How do they pick up and rebuild, go on? Who leads those left behind in some soul searching and forgiveness? How do they continue to navigate these difficult changes?

I have identified six typical reactions that workers experience when a teammate or friend leaves. For those of you not in cross-cultural ministry, you’ve probably experienced these these same reactions at church. First I’ll post these reactions with a brief description and a question for you to ponder and answer.

Then I’ll post six ways we can move forward—responses that will help us stay well after others go. I welcome your feedback and perhaps I’ll even be able to quote you in the book.

Thanks for your prayers and help as the book takes shape.

2 thoughts on “I’m Co-Writing a New Book

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