RENEWed Day by Day

Three times a year the Member Care Team at the Christar Mobilization Center, U.S. hosts RENEW, a five-day retreat for workers on home assignment. I wrote some thoughts for Christar's blog about how this event gives workers the opportunity to be refreshed, heard, and encouraged.

I’m Co-Writing a New Book

By now you probably know that my colleague, Sue Eenigenburg and I are co-authoring a book. Our working title is “Grit and Grace in Cross-Cultural Ministry” but that may change.

New Directions

What would I do if I wasn't afraid? I read this question and began to ponder. My heart was restless, my task too small, my soul longing for more. The TCK (third-culture-kid) part of me was itching for a new challenge, a change and yet the US part of me was liking the comfortable life … Continue reading New Directions