Prayers of Lament

adapted from Psalm 34 for Afghanistan

Lord God, you say that your eyes are on the righteous, and your ears are attentive to their cry.

Be true to your word and see the righteous in Afghanistan today, hear their cry.

The righteous cry out, and you, my God, hear them; you deliver them from all their troubles.

Hear the pastors and church members crying out to you, deliver them, Lord.

Jesus, you are close to the brokenhearted and save those who are crushed in spirit.

Rush in to save, mighty God; bring supernatural power, courage, and inexplicable peace.

The righteous person may have many troubles, but you, Lord, deliver him from them all.

Trouble is an understatement here, Jesus; you must intervene.

You protect all his bones, not one of them will be broken.

Whatever protection is for each individual Lord, do it, act on their behalf.

Lord, you say that your face is against those who do evil.

Do as you say and come against the evil that is ravaging this nation.

Evil will slay the wicked; the foes of the righteous will be condemned.

Lord Jesus, please destroy this wicked that has invaded; condemn your children’s enemies.

Lord, rescue your servants; no one who takes refuge in him will be condemned.

Almighty God, Lord of the universe, rescue the women and children, pastors, military personnel and assistants, and all innocent victims.


4 thoughts on “Prayers of Lament

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  2. Yes, we must lament and pray for the people of Afghanistan. I cry for the believers, but especially for the women.. who have some so far and not are must go… backwards. May God ever hear our prayers and answer swiftly.


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