A Call to Pray

I feel a new weight of responsibility, a heaviness. This confuses me since life is marching along quite well at this time.

Mind Boggling Peace

Presenting my requests to God on a rainy morning... Little thoughts nagging at my heart and mind. Waking at 4 am rehearsing all the things I must do today (or is it jet lag?). I’m experiencing the normal stuff of life. Packed schedule, feeling rushed to complete tasks, commitments right around the corner, appointments that … Continue reading Mind Boggling Peace

Present Your Requests

I am a poor sleeper. I wake many times a night. I started wearing earplugs when I lived in Indonesia because every little sound woke me up — the cry of my sons, the electricity going off or coming back on, critters running across the roof, cats mating in the rafters, kittens mewing in the … Continue reading Present Your Requests

Joy and Crown

As the nip of autumn fills the air, my mind turns to Thanksgiving. This is my reminder to thank you who make my ministry possible—you who intercede and give. I struggle every year because words seem inadequate. A gift card or a souvenir is too small. But a larger gift is a conflict of interest. … Continue reading Joy and Crown

Let Us Kneel

When I was a lonely freshman at Baylor University, I found a wonderful church filled with even more wonderful people. I can't remember how I actually found this church. I think it was because the advertisement on campus said they would come and pick up students. I was a new to the USA. My parents were … Continue reading Let Us Kneel

Do What You Require

This next to last line of our prayer resonates with me. I can easily relate to this one and at first glance, I say "No problem, I've got this." After all, I was raised on the hymn "Trust and obey." I have shared before about my propensity to "do". As a child, I was obedient … Continue reading Do What You Require

I Am Willing

In 2013, I took a class on spiritual practices. One thing I was encouraged to do was to ask God to give me one word to describe what he wanted to do in me in the New Year—this year—2014. God gave me my word as I was on the plane flying down to Dallas in … Continue reading I Am Willing

Hands Held High

Exodus 17:8-16 defines one of the roles I play as an ezer kenegdo (Genesis 2:18), a strong helper, an ally in battle - that of holding high my hands in prayer on behalf of my loved ones.  When the Israelites were coming out of Egypt, and were weary and worn out, the Amalekites (descendants of Esau) met them … Continue reading Hands Held High